Go with the Flow

For many people, a holiday home by the shores of Lough Erne or along the Atlantic coastline is a great opportunity to relax. A cosy lie-in on the weekend or a peaceful morning walk is the order of the day.

For others, however, the open water is a fantastic way to wash away the stresses of life. It doesn’t matter if you are leisurely rowing across the lough or surfing the waves, the water helps bring an inner calm to those who seek its benefits.

Lough Shore Pursuits

Our Edgewater holiday park is located on the shores of Lough Erne. Watching the sunset over the lough is a view that needs to be experienced. But that isn’t enough for many water enthusiasts. The open water is calling. It’s time to get into the wetsuits.

With a jet ski, you can experience water skiing, windsurfing and water trampolining. Or if you are feeling very adventurous (but still acting safely) you can flip and spin on your jet ski to your heart’s content. Of course, the lough is big enough to leisurely cruise around and explore. Maybe even head into Enniskillen to do a little shopping.

But don’t worry, enjoying water sports on the lough doesn’t always require a big investment. Feel free to take your canoes or kayaks with you on weekend breaks. A paddle across the lough is a great way to build up an appetite before lunch.

For Edgewater residents who wish to moor a boat or jet ski, the holiday park boasts a purpose-built marina, plus a private & secure boat park as well. You can book a spot by calling the office.

Swell Choice

For keen surfers of any skill level, the Wild Atlantic Way coastline of Donegal is where you want to be. The beaches in Bundoran and Rossnowlagh provide excellent surfing opportunities. Surfers travel from all over Ireland to experience the countless beach and reef breaks to be found in the area.

If you are seeking a beach to start you off surfing, then Rossnowlagh’s famous Main Beach is the one for you. The waves tend to be gentler and crumbling, with an occasional punchy beach break. This makes it the perfect place for learning, especially for children and family groups.

If your skills are more advanced, or you are just adventurous, then the ‘Surf Capital of Ireland’ is where you want to go. There is a rich selection of beaches in Bundoran including, the Main Beach, the Perk, Inside Left and Tullan Strand. Each offering varying swells and sizes of waves coming from every direction. Bundoran really is a surfer’s dream.

If you are interested in picking up the hobby, there are many vibrant and renowned surf schools in the area offering lessons for everyone from beginners to the more advanced. And don’t worry about the up-front cost of equipment as the schools rent out equipment as well. So, you have no excuse to not try it out!


Bundoran Surf Schools

Bundoran Surf Co

Murf’s Surf School

Rossnowlagh Surf Schools

Finn McCool Surf School

Rossnowlagh Surf School


Of course, there’s plenty more to do in the sea, including fishing, paddle-boarding, snorkelling, and sailing. It’s easy to fill your holidays with fun and adventure when your holiday home sits near the coastline.

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